Getting Ready for the NaNoWriMo Sprint

Less that a week to go till the start of NaNoWriMo2017. I’m spending about half my writing time getting the first fourth of the book planned out. I may have to do the rest next week.
I want to have the broad outlines of the new book in place, so I can know the ending point I want to aim for. Yes, I am basically a Planner – at least, I prefer to know the general direction of large projects, and draw up benchmarks for my work, so I can finish at the time and place I want to be.
Here is the working cover for the new book – I’m thinking about using my initials – LS – and turning that into a name for my sci-fi books. Not to hide as a man, but to differentiate between my mystery/suspense books and the sci-fi ones. If I end up writing in another genre, I may do the same for it.

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