Month: November 2017

What a GREAT Day!

I got right to work today on my writing. When I had finished my day’s quota (self-imposed), I was delighted to see that I had reached a percent completed of 21% for Alien8, and 10% for Retiring Without Falling Apart. I’ve set up a Google Sheet to track my work. It’s simple, just 4 columns:…

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Post-Thanksgiving Reflections

Well, we’ll be dining on leftover turkey tonight. We didn’t take any cranberry sauce or stuffing, so – I’ll be making the stovetop versions of both this afternoon. I got very little done over the holidays. I was visiting my daughter in Chicago, then on to Cleveland, then, a long drive home to SC. It…

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Whoops! Missed a Week

Man, has this been an exciting month! I visited Cleveland, to babysit my newest grandson. What a treat! He’s 19 months, fully mobile, and loaded with energy. I took to napping every day, and still he wore me out. I headed back home just a few days after National Novel Writing Month started, and had…

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