Whoops! Missed a Week

Man, has this been an exciting month!

Novel Progress

30% Complete
15,105 of 50,000 words

I visited Cleveland, to babysit my newest grandson. What a treat! He’s 19 months, fully mobile, and loaded with energy. I took to napping every day, and still he wore me out.

I headed back home just a few days after National Novel Writing Month started, and had very little time to write on the road, so – I’ve had to spend most of the last week catching up. I’m just a few thousand words down today, and have plenty of time to work, so I’m feeling confident that I’ll be on track to finish on time by early next week.

The novel is going well. I’m having no trouble writing or plotting, just some serious lack of time. When I decided to retire, I thought I’d have more time to write.

Nope. Turns out that retirement gets a lot of tasks dumped on your shoulders. It also means that, with spending more time in the house, you get sucked into organizing and cleaning. Well, the house really did need it, but it cuts into my writing.

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