What a GREAT Day!

I got right to work today on my writing. When I had finished my day’s quota (self-imposed), I was delighted to see that I had reached a percent completed of 21% for Alien8, and 10% for Retiring Without Falling Apart.

I’ve set up a Google Sheet to track my work. It’s simple, just 4 columns:

Date          Words that Day       Total                Percent Complete

I’m big on tracking progress. I think it’s hard to keep focused on big projects (which a book is, generally), unless you can see how your efforts are paying off. It’s the same with weight loss – those who don’t keep track get discouraged. So, along with the numbers being updated, I also added a pie chart, which is a nice visual image of where I am in the process.

So, I have good reasons to be proud of myself. In addition, I got up early and:

  • Made my bed
  • Got dressed – NOT in sloppy clothes
  • Ate nutritiously
  • Paid some bills
  • Organized paperwork
  • Wrote

I’m feeling just GREAT!

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