Not Working Right Now, But Reading

I’ve been curiously unable to get down to the revisions (fear? doubt? laziness?), so I’ve been catching up on other things – home organization, fitness, cooking, reading.

That last thing, reading, has led me to some interesting authors, including:

  • Kat Howard – here is a link to some of her short stories – quite engrossing.
  • Kristine Kathryn Rausch – she blogs at Kriswrites, and has put together a Holiday-Themed Bundle (bundles are an opportunity to get LOTS of reading for a small price – a very good deal). BTW, don’t stop with her fiction (good as it is). She also writes with a cold and clear eye about the business of writing.
  • Michael Connelly – on both audio and book (Kindle) format – I’ve been catching up with some of the backlist, and it’s been great!