Haven’t Checked for a Few Weeks

Until I looked here today, I hadn’t realized that I’d not updated on my writing for some time – more than a month!

I’ve been busy:

  • No flu, but nasty respiratory infections – both myself, and my husband. We’re better now, but still not up to full recovery.
  • House! I’ve been working on organization, clearing out old paperwork, and preparing for taxes. I’m really looking forward to next year – we may even try the short form.
  • Writing. I’m still not finished with the edits – I’ve frankly neglected them for many weeks. However, I did start a short story (never wrote one before), and I’m about 2/3 finished. When I’m done, I’ll put it up as a freebie on Amazon, and set the download link here.

That’s really it. No major catastrophes, no really GOOD excuse for not being busier. Just home stuff and laziness.