Running on Empty

Cedar Sanderson writes about this phenomenon on her blog. She finds that she is low-energy in many aspects of her life.

That’s truly where I am at. Periodically, I find the resources to make a blitz – writing/updating my blogs, working on a short story, blocking out/outlining my next book, making a mad dash through my house and clearing up the worst of the mess.

SOME of that is physical. My recent ankle injury had made it difficult to move around, or even sit comfortably for an extended time.

Some of that is related to the difficulty I am experiencing with the book revisions. I’ve just about gotten to the point where I am planning to take a hiatus; to put this book aside until I’ve written a few other books – shorter, less complex, and easier to complete. Then, once I have more experience with the process, returning to complete the revisions.

Some of this is my response to change:

  • Going back to teaching, in the form of substitute assignments. I really DON’T like those, as I have to adapt to different places, different faces, different starting times.
  • I’ve had to make changes in response to my ankle injury. I really shouldn’t be putting weight on the leg, but have been. Which leads to my having only the mad desire to put the leg UP at the end of the day.
  • Some of my plans are tentative, as they depend on other people. Those people have been slow making decisions for the future. Until they do, I’m not able to firm up my plans.

I prefer to plan ahead, and be in control. Unfortunately, that just isn’t possible right now.