Just Life

Wahoo! I’m Finally Getting Some Progress Made!

I’ve been working on several alternatives to my first book, The Lost Part of Me. I don’t plan to scrap it, but I did want to delay it for a while, as the structure was more complicated than I was…..

Running on Empty

Cedar Sanderson writes about this phenomenon on her blog. She finds that she is low-energy in many aspects of her life. That’s truly where I am at. Periodically, I find the resources to make a blitz – writing/updating my blogs,…..

What I’ve Been Doing

I’ve been distracted for the last several months – traveling – and, now, fairly regular work as a substitute teacher. It’s a good school system, well run, and the work is not too tedious. In some ways, it’s better than…..

Post-Thanksgiving Reflections

Well, we’ll be dining on leftover turkey tonight. We didn’t take any cranberry sauce or stuffing, so – I’ll be making the stovetop versions of both this afternoon. I got very little done over the holidays. I was visiting my…..