Haven’t Checked for a Few Weeks

Until I looked here today, I hadn’t realized that I’d not updated on my writing for some time – more than a month!

I’ve been busy:

  • No flu, but nasty respiratory infections – both myself, and my husband. We’re better now, but still not up to full recovery.
  • House! I’ve been working on organization, clearing out old paperwork, and preparing for taxes. I’m really looking forward to next year – we may even try the short form.
  • Writing. I’m still not finished with the edits – I’ve frankly neglected them for many weeks. However, I did start a short story (never wrote one before), and I’m about 2/3 finished. When I’m done, I’ll put it up as a freebie on Amazon, and set the download link here.

That’s really it. No major catastrophes, no really GOOD excuse for not being busier. Just home stuff and laziness.

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The End of the First 6 Months of Retirement

It’s been interesting. Lots of little accomplishments (my house has reached a level of clean/organized that it hasn’t been in ages), interesting experiences – the Eclipse (it was amazing!!!!!), getting to know my grandson, learning to handle unstructured time, and slogging away on the first book.

That last has been the most challenging. Not the writing – that’s relatively easy.

No, the problem is that I have discovered that I contain massive amounts of insecurities. I doubt that I can write anything worth reading, I worry that I will be a failure at something I deeply and earnestly want to do, and that I will not be able to find an audience that wants to read what I write.

In short, the possibility of being judged, and found wanting, is paralyzing my progress.


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Not Working Right Now, But Reading

I’ve been curiously unable to get down to the revisions (fear? doubt? laziness?), so I’ve been catching up on other things – home organization, fitness, cooking, reading.

That last thing, reading, has led me to some interesting authors, including:

  • Kat Howard – here is a link to some of her short stories – quite engrossing.
  • Kristine Kathryn Rausch – she blogs at Kriswrites, and has put together a Holiday-Themed Bundle (bundles are an opportunity to get LOTS of reading for a small price – a very good deal). BTW, don’t stop with her fiction (good as it is). She also writes with a cold and clear eye about the business of writing.
  • Michael Connelly – on both audio and book (Kindle) format – I’ve been catching up with some of the backlist, and it’s been great!
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Whoops! Missed a Week

Man, has this been an exciting month!

Novel Progress

30% Complete
15,105 of 50,000 words

I visited Cleveland, to babysit my newest grandson. What a treat! He’s 19 months, fully mobile, and loaded with energy. I took to napping every day, and still he wore me out.

I headed back home just a few days after National Novel Writing Month started, and had very little time to write on the road, so – I’ve had to spend most of the last week catching up. I’m just a few thousand words down today, and have plenty of time to work, so I’m feeling confident that I’ll be on track to finish on time by early next week.

The novel is going well. I’m having no trouble writing or plotting, just some serious lack of time. When I decided to retire, I thought I’d have more time to write.

Nope. Turns out that retirement gets a lot of tasks dumped on your shoulders. It also means that, with spending more time in the house, you get sucked into organizing and cleaning. Well, the house really did need it, but it cuts into my writing.

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My Weekly Progress

My Latest Book

The Lost Part of Me
82% Complete
61,771 of 75,000 words

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