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The End of the First 6 Months of Retirement

It’s been interesting. Lots of little accomplishments (my house has reached a level of clean/organized that it hasn’t been in ages), interesting experiences – the Eclipse (it was amazing!!!!!), getting to know my grandson, learning to handle unstructured time, and slogging away on the first book. That last has been the most challenging. Not the…

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Not Working Right Now, But Reading

I’ve been curiously unable to get down to the revisions (fear? doubt? laziness?), so I’ve been catching up on other things – home organization, fitness, cooking, reading. That last thing, reading, has led me to some interesting authors, including: Kat Howard – here is a link to some of her short stories – quite engrossing….

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Whoops! Missed a Week

Man, has this been an exciting month! I visited Cleveland, to babysit my newest grandson. What a treat! He’s 19 months, fully mobile, and loaded with energy. I took to napping every day, and still he wore me out. I headed back home just a few days after National Novel Writing Month started, and had…

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